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‘‘ See the possibilities where others see the impossible "

An artist at heart since I was born, it was at the age of 10 that I created the name Miraky. At the request of my grandfather we were looking for a name for his chalet. Influenced by Asia from a young age, it was by playing with the letters of my name and the k and y that I composed this name. I kept it preciously on a piece of paper, promising to use it someday.
It was in 2007 that the Miraky Design experience began in a small workshop in Montreal.
With over 20 years of fashion design experience, playing with materials and colors had become second nature to me. After some training in cabinetmaking my decision was made. My reorientation would go towards the transformation of wood to create writing instruments with the wood lathe.
The challenge I had to overcome was to integrate my designs into a small area a few centimeters and millimeters thick. Very quickly my first composite tests were developed. I presented my first Collection at the McCord Museum exhibition and sale in December 2007. The positive response from customers was a springboard in starting my business.
My primary research was to use different types of wood that I laminated and then turned. Interested in transparency for several years and to further my need for creation, I set out in search of a technique that allowed me to combine the integration of paint, textures (feathers, parchments, copper threads ... ) and refined details delicately crafted in a clear lacquer.
By combining the transparency of lacquer with the nobility of wood, I have thus formed creations of a timeless look, highlighting the artistic elegance of the object. The possibility of mastering this crystalline and timeless material leaves room for endless possibilities.
Multidisciplinary artist and avid traveler for several years, the inspiration of my travels helps me to create. The composition of the perfect balance of shapes and colors, which collected in my writing instruments, is able to inspire and arouse feelings in the person who uses it. Several pens were created under the inspiration of my travels, such as the Polynesia Collection. The Desert / Sea Collection after a trip to Morocco.  
My artistic approach is innovative. Through different research of matter, I develop an art which wants to be distinctive.